AndiScan micro is an advanced ballistic velocity Doppler radar for measuring muzzle velocity of projectiles. It operates in 24GHz frequency band. It is a highly integrated and extremely small form-factor device that is intended to be directly mounted on the rifle. This frees the user from a complicated setup alignment and it also allows to perform measurements under dynamic conditions. It is a first device of this form-factor on the public market.

Latest updates

  • (12/2023) A2/Mark-ii Firmware – see details at support page.
  • (3/2023) case – improved advanced industrial plastic technology (used in all 2023 production)

A2/Mark-ii new features

  • FW Compatibility, installation instructions and details – see support page.
    • FW is compatible with all HW A2.2. All current AndiScan A2 users can easily upgrade to A2/Mark-ii.
  • Triggering by Signal detection
    • A2/Mark-ii can now trigger by direct signal detection as an alternative to standard acoustic pressure triggering. A direct signal detection allows triggering by silent sources and it is not affected by other shooters.
  • Series data autosaving and current series editing
    • A2ii autosaves the series data to SD card after each shot or after you edit (delete) shots.
    • Active series measurement can be browsed directly in the measurement screen by [Back/Next] buttons.
    • Arbitrary shot (either the last one or any previous when in browsing mode) can be deleted by [Back_Long] press.
    • The series is finalised (no further editable) to SD card by [Next_Long] press.
  • Extended H measurement range
    • The signal processing in H (High) measurement range now allows for speeds up to 1500 mps.
  • User interface improvements
    • Main measurement screen is simplified and has much larger fonts for easier reading.
    • All configuration screens now have more intuitive editing.
  • Factory defaults reset
    • A selected configuration profile can be reset to factory defaults.
  • Expert mode
    • Expert mode is now needed only for selecting L (Low) measurement range and for Manual (MAN) measurement mode. All other configurations are available in Standard mode.
  • Remote Shell application and Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity
    • AndiScan Remote Shell Application enables to remotely control the device, remotely view the displayed and measured data and access the stored data. 

New and updated features of A2 model

  • completely redesigned electronics – to make the device more robust, better serviceable and to allow new functionalities
  • modifications of the mechanical form factor – better ergonomics of keys, easier battery access, SD card slot in more robust position against acceleration shocks, unified dimensions of mounting slots
  • real time clock – allows to keep a track of time and date in measurement data
  • extended configuration of transceiver HW – allows fine offset setting of carrier frequency for better interference control, gain of the receiver can be set to two values for handling extremely weak and extremely strong signals
  • remote trigger option – allows precise triggering with minimal latency (less than 200 microseconds) for almost “true” V0 measurement or for a triggering of the device in special measurement setups
  • internal memory independent of SD card – for storing last 100 measured data
  • automatic self-calibration of internal trigger sensor – better and repeatable settings in wide range of environmental conditions
  • improved browsing of stored data – long key press for fast changes
  • power profile display – 16 slot line display showing relative power of the received signal over the measurement window. It allow the user to find possible problems with triggering or with aiming the antenna.
  • mounting side-offset compensation – (see Chapter 5 of User Guide) the compensation of the side offset allows to find a true V0 velocity value.
  • improved signal processing – the processing is more tolerant to proper positioning of the device and eliminates some imperfections of radio wave propagation
  • SD/ES display choice

Key features

  • Micro form-factor allows a direct mount on the rifle. The form-factor minimization was a main design target.
  • The direct rifle mount close to the chamber enables to trigger the device by a direct transmission of the shot vibration waves. It makes a reliable and short latency triggering.
  • Short latency triggering allows to perform a velocity measurement directly on close-to-muzzle range. This avoids the need of any measurement extrapolations to get the muzzle velocity.
  • Signal processing is optimized for velocity measurement precision and for small device form-factor.
  • A full velocity measurement statistic including graphical histogram data are provided.
  • The device explicitly estimate its own measurement precision (99% confidence interval) based on received signal-to-noise ratio.

Production & Distribution

Important: Please check the availability in the e-shop. See our Terms and Conditions.


  • Doppler radar in 24GHz band (24.150 – 24.220 GHz, channel spacing 10 MHz)
  • Transmitter output power 11 dBm
  • Velocity measurement range (* only in expert mode)
    • High (H) 484 – 1500 mps
    • Wide (W) 242 – 1309 mps
    • Mid (M) 30 – 303 mps
    • (*) Low (L) 1 – 121 mps
  • Measurement unit – mps, fps, kph, mph
  • Measurement precision with 99% confidence for given signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) (expected value based on theoretical analysis)
    • 0.50 mps H/W range, SNR= 20dB
    • 0.06 mps M range, SNR= 20dB
    • 0.03 mps L range, SNR= 20dB
    • 0.16 mps H/W range, SNR= 30dB
    • 0.02 mps M range, SNR= 30dB
    • 0.008 mps L range, SNR= 30dB
  • Minimum time between measurements – approx 1s.
  • Dimensions (H) 92 x (W) 66 x (D) 28 mm
  • Weight (including internal battery) 141g

Support and Resources

  • User Guides
  • Firmware updates
  • If you experience any technical difficulties or if you need a technical help contact us at