SQi-AndiX eshop

Prices in e-shop are shown excluding VAT. End-customers from EU member countries will have the VAT added during the checkout. End-customers outside of EU will have the checkout price excluding VAT and they are responsible for paying any applicable VAT or customs charges themselves in their destination countries. VAT registered EU customers (outside of CZ), upon providing a valid VAT registration number, will have the checkout and invoicing in the reverse charge regime for VAT.

IMPORTANT NOTICE (22/Aug/2022) – Some courier shipping companies recently started applying rather unpredictable additinal Restricted Commodity related restrictions on top of standard valid international legal framework. It is therefore possible that the shipping to some destination countries will be delayed or, in the extreme case, refused by these shipping services. In that case, an individual alternative solution will have to be arranged.

Shipping to destination countries, that are not listed in the eshop shipping options, needs prior arrangement.