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Review-Testing-Lease AndiScan-A2

  • The AndiScan micro (model A2) device is leased for a purpose of its evaluating/testing/reviewing.
  • The device remains a property of SQi-AndiX and it is provided to reviewer for a period of time agreed a priori.
  • At the end of testing, it must be returned to SQi-AndiX at the expenses of the tester/reviewer.
  • The tester/reviewer will not be liable for any device damage or malfunction caused by a normal use and operation (as defined in UserGuide) except for brute-force misuse or intentionally damaging the device.
  • The tester/reviewer is expected to provide a short report to the manufacturer at the end of the review period. It should contain a technical feed-back, suggestions, usage scenarios or any problems experienced, if possible, in a form (technical description, photos, etc.) that could be used by the manufacturer to reproduce and solve the problem.